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01. 02. 2006 r

After many difficult researches I found at last one from the cheapest services, offering conversations from cellular telephone on stationary in sensational price!

We can already ring from any cell mobile phone, to any landline phone number on the world,

This is also available to Poland, in - ATTENTION: 0,075 PLN per 1 minute !

An 1 hour of conversation from mobile to any landline stationary phone number

( in Poland, Germany, Sweden, e.t.c), costs only 4,50 PLN.

We ring from cells through normal landline ( stationary ) Varsovian number called "access number".


At present days more and more salesmen offers services of this type offering access numbers.

 and this is already any revelation, if not this cheap price!


Phone calls about 0,10;  0,12; 0,15; 0,20; 0,25 or even 0,35 PLN per 1 minute you will find oneself everywhere, however cheapper than 0,07 PLN from cell phone, to stationary landline number I did not find yet.

Audibility is excellent.

Any one from my interlocutors to of which I rang, did not get to know how one stands to this times, that I spoke to him in 0,06 PLN per minute, in addition almost free, from my cell phone.


When we call of this access number, we are asked about login and password numbers .

After, we can already choose any landline number.

( direction number of country must be at the beginning )


We can also ring from stationary landline phone through free accesss number 0, 800 but then prices of conversations are higher.


Basic condition, so that bribed us to speak and to ring in such manner, is, we must possess in own cellular nets minimum one free number, from which We can speak free without limitations:

ORANGE offers free numbers "FOR FIRMS", in which behind 19 PLN monthly is till 5 such of free numbers from which We can speak free of charge and without any limitations!

( to ORANGE and on stationary).

Besides in ORANGE are accessible free conversations without any limitations with Select Number, in price about 15 PLN  for one selected number ( to ORANGE or landline )

GSM PLUS offers gratuitous evenings with select number from 18:00 through weeks  and in weekends.

ERA offers also such possibility under name: "Conversations with Friend" in price 15 PLN.

Details of offers are on WWW pages and at consultants.


If You speak much on stationary landlines, or if you want to shake from TEPSSA, and you are interested in above offer, please contact with me.

For not to expansive single payment ( 5 PLN ) for my lost of time, which I sacrificed on seeking,  and costs of maintenance of this serwer) I will explain, how one can make this calls and You will get necessary landline access number. 

Please to contact with me.


I also know, how one can ALMOST FREE charge phone call from England or from Holland to Poland on stationary landline number without computer!

Informations as above.



15. 10. 2005 r

On my WEB serwers:

www.garlicki.com    www.infocentrum.com    www.garnet.pl

I started for some our customers possibility of sending by FTP protocol ( File Transfer Protocol) files with big sizes in one piece, practically without limitations.

I do not have to explain for what this is necessary.

We tried to do this since a long period of time, but at last it works.

Sending files of any size by FTP is straight alike copying.


With help of any FTP programm ( eg Windows Commander) we can now exchange any data between any places on the world so simple how to make copy without regard on their size.

( from one windows to another, alike in Norton Commander )


People interested asked are for contact {socket} in aim {target} of obtainment of parameters of access to nets.

Service is paid similarly how {as} all, but price as usual at me is not exorbitant and is very accessible.

One can repurchase subscription on all year from mountain or to profit from this possibilities only extemporaneously when will reach such it is necessary {need}.

Prices for access calculated are on possibly lowest level.

Because every has other needs, one can it {them} negotiate.

How {as} in many other chances will be this cheap, will be to them more of willing persons to profiting.

I invite.


People perceptive and with good hearing certainly aroused on this to page {side} original muzyczka.

Politely I inform, that is not this {then} my work. Yes {so} play fraktale. Picture {image} of crystal exchanged became {remained} on map bit.

One made also interesting programme which exchanges these beaten {bits} on sounds.

Occurrence fraktali is self in oneself already very interesting not less than oneself creature of formation {of} every crystal.

Research workers on all world are interested fraktalami since a long time.

Now proved, that sounds received in result of exchange fraktala on bits {bits} are also very original and create harmonious line melodic. Musics this one can listen for hours on end and pleasure is about so much greater, that crystals fraktali in programme FRACTAL TUNE We can create and to generate on many manners.

Forestalling questions I give address serwera from which one can receive version trial this of very interested programme.

Is not he straight in service, because possibilities has przeogromne, but how {as} speak - for willing does not have nothing difficult.

Interested I invite to experimenting with music fraktali.







20.02.2005 r.

Domain name METALEX was sold.




31.12.2004 r.

2004, 31'th of December I finished my long cooperation with METALEX

I put out my domain name:


on sale.





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