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             Tunes Linkmaker is a search engine that can locate artists, playlists or individual songs within any of the iTMS storefronts, however here lies a minor pitfall - the common misconception of how iTMS actually works.



iTMS is not a website that can be found using say Internet Explorer, it's a media player the utilises the internet to access it's catalogue, therefore if you click on a linkmaker link, a script will ascertain whether you have the iTunes media player on your computer, if you don't your default web browser will send you to:



If you do have the iTunes media player, then the script opens iTunes in a new
window and sends you to the artist or playlist page with iTMS that you


You can use the 'tell a friend' function situated next to the album sleeve to alert your fans. Email addresses should be separated by a comma, and by far the easiest thing to do is set up a text file, or comma delimited spreadsheet with your fanbase to cut & paste.


You can also add a message to the mail out with gig information, quoted reviews etc.




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