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I offer lessons of drive on skis for persons at various degree.

Age is not to determines here.


I teach drives on skis both adult persons as of little children in age from 3 years.

For skiing do not exist any special ancient barriers.

Borders these qualifies only state of health and possessed physical form.


I teach quickly according to own methods worked outthrough 35 years of my own practice.

My own method of learning on skis, connection of various schools and obligatory directions in instruction of skiing on space tens of last years basing on obligatory programmes of instruction and of instruction guidelines recommended by PZN( Polish Skii Federation ) inculcated me on space of 40 years on various trainings perfecting of various technics of skii drive.


Method, which I teach leaning is first of all however on my own awarenesses conquered on space of 52 years of systematical skiing.

( on skis I began to drive in age 3 of years, similarly how {as} to swim.)


Children learn on me in form of amusement not only safe drives on skis, but also likings to mountains and to natures.

Under my direction of children quickly master not only skill correct drives on skis, but also acquire at me of correct reflexes and of habits indispensable and useful in all later life.



For beginner persons I instruct:

- correct learning {science} of drive from bases

Assuring to a maximum quick effect at minimum - costs.


To persons average or well driving I instruct:

- Improvement technicses of drive on skis

- Eliminating of acquired errors earlier

By {through} what in comparativety short time can they learn nicely to drive.


For skiers advanced I instruct:

- Learning and trainings of elements of ski drive, such as:

- Cutting Technicses,

- Deviation Technicses,  ( JET, EVELOPMENT),

- Drive on steep slopes,

- Drive on moguls,

- Drive on large speeds,

In all local and snow conditionses


I possess experience in instruction of children, and suitable qualifications pedagogical.

Youngest children and teen have to be however under care of parents, as I teach only drives on skis and I not occupy with clothes changing nor with feeding.


One can rent me on any facultative trip in mountains on skis:

In Austrian Alps , in Italian Alps, in Swiss Alps , in French Alps,

and even in Tatras, Beskids or in Karkonosze.


I drive occupations severally or of a group ( it goes cheapper ).

During occupations in group received by me costs of learning do not depend from quantities participating of persons.

More of persons this cost of learning of 1 person goes cheapper, but in group about many something to learn.( With greater group, this is more difficult to learn something  )

Ideal model is 1 schoolboy on 1 teacher.

In groups above of 2 persons usually begin oneself already problems resulting from various individual differences among men.

( Every has other form physical and resistance on fatigue)


Instruction can last any facultative period because I am discretionary in respect of time.

My skills one can have at own disposal on slope to 8 hours daily.

On slopes lighted up is possible drive at evening and at night.

In difficult weather conditionses, the price of 1 hour fixed severally in dependences from prevalent circumstances.


However this does not depend from me, because I drive on skis almost right in every conditionses of

snow - and weather.

( with exception of rain, in which skii drive should not belongs to pleasure )


I advise and I help in proper selection and purchase all indispensable skii equipments

suitable equipment for age and possessed skills.

( ski, sticks, ski-boots and comfortable warm clothes )


Person renting commits oneself binds me to cover costs of instruction, in manner assuring my journey on of approach place, journeys on slope, night's lodgings, food and extracts.

Indicatory average cost of 1 hour of learning at normal weather carries out from about 15 USD ( 13 EU )


My profit is calculated on so minimum level, so that assured cover of only indispensable costs of my stay.

( food, night's lodgings and skii lifts )


Person, which I teach signs obligation, that carries responsibility for possible events and harms, which can perhaps cause with one's own maintenance not complying to given my recommendations or instructions.


If you want to give me question or to fix details then write me or call:

My telephones: 602, 675555( ERA), or 507, 181589( ORANGE), or 601, 249555( PLUS)

At times to times I am sometimes on Gadu-Gadu: 4757464 but one should arrange earlier.


On my other WWW pages are useful informations about

swimming lessons offered by me,

and improvements of swimming technics and styles.

( Photos )



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