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Fast Styles of Swimming

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Important Practical Rescue Technics

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I teach swimming and offer high level swimming instructions in following styles:


Free Style


Classic Style


Back Style


Butterfly Style






In frames of my learning I teach free, without any additional costs, some selected important practice elements and rules, which are very important in the giving of the first aid and rescue of the human life.

This important knowledge of practice rescue can be very useful in various situations over the water


I possess over 20-th years of experiences as life guard rescuer,

human life saving and surveillance of security rules over the water.

During every my summer holidays, I worked over various swimming pools, rivers, lakes and seas,

from strands of polish Baltic Sea ( in Rewal, Dziwnow, Pobierowo ),

up to far beaches of Bulgarian Black Sea ( in Golden Strands and Albena )



I offer professional swimming lessons for persons at various degree.

Age is not to determines here.

I teach swimming both adult persons as of little children in age from 3 years.

For swimming don't exist any special ancient barriers.

Borders these qualifies are only state of health and possessed physical form.


I teach quickly according to my own methods, worked out through 35 years of my own practice,

I teach correct swimmings efficiently and quickly, according to my own original methods of learning worked out through 35 of years of improvements and trainings.

My programme of instruction learning depend on checked trainings methods for performance competitors from stunt swimming clubs:


From 1962, for the years I tilled swimming in the sport club M.K.S. "Trojka" in Lodz

( My Coach was: Mr Kruszyna - Kotulski  M.S.C. )

My best record: 1'min 06''sek. /  100 m free style.


In 1965 r. in mastery of all middle schools from our city Lodz ( about 1 million of citizens ),

our team: Karol Chądzyński, Janusz Krygier, Jan Boruch and I, George Garlicki,

occupied high 2-nd place in relay swimming race: 4 x 100 m. with wonderful time result: 4'39''.

( all from III Secondary School of Tadeusz Kosciuszko )


In swimming I conquered all possible authorizations

I possess following titles and degrees:


From 1968 - Life Guard with authorizations on inland waters

From 1970 - Older Live Guard and Water Rescuer with all authorizations( inland & sea's waters )

From 1977 - Regional District Judge - specialization in swimming

From 1978 - Instructor of swimming with all authorizations ( Patent No: 273 /P )


My instruction methods in first of all are based on my own experience and observations.

I assimilated them during period of 50 years of of systematical tilling, exhaustive trainings of various technicses in various schools, based on obligatory programmes, directions and guidelines recommended by W.S.F. ( World's Swimming Federation) and P.Z.P. ( Polish Federation of Swimming )

( I began to swim in age of 3 year of my life, alike I began to drive on skii )


With my methods of instruction I taught with success both swimmings how as and drives on skis many persons, adult and children.

I taught to swim and to drive on to ski even very resistant peoples, whiches earlier didn't be able to learn anything.

For recreational or resting swimming do not exist any special ancient barriers.

These borders qualifies only state of health and possessed physical form.

However the best period to begin every learning, should be the earliest years of life, when mind and body are most efficient.


Children learn on me lessons of correct swimming in water in form of secure amusement.

I have 35 years of experience in teaching and instructions with suitable pedagogical qualifications.

Children under my direction quickly acquire not only skill of secure correct swimming, but learn also to comply indispensable rules to feel secure over the water, and acquire correct habits indispensable and useful in theirs all later life.


However the youngest children have to be under care of parents, because I not occupy with changing nor with their feeding.


For beginner persons I instruct:

- correct learning of correct style swimmings from bases,

assuring to a maximum and quick effect with minimum costs.


Persons which already know how to swim I learn and instruct:

- Improvement of correct technicses of swimming styles

- Eliminating of errors which acquired earlier


Under my directions everyone can learn in very short period of time correct style of swimmings, what means quick swimming without fatigues even on long distances.


People well swimming can learn at me of perfect technicses with competitors swimmings styles.


One can learn at me also swimmings under water and divings ( without oxygenic device ).

My record in swimming under the water is 50 m without any device.

Divings with oxygenic device teaches from many years my friend Piotr Szadkowski in under - water club "TRYTON" in our city Lodz.


I can teach swimmings on each covered swimming - pool in which water always is clean and warm.

Best I learn in most nice swimming pool recently gained in Lodz in "New Gdynia".

Don't worry about problem with my journey to other swimming pools because I know also other swimming -pools well too.

One can rent me to learnings of swimming equally well on the sea, how over the lakes. 


One can take individually lessons, or in groups.

In groups the cost of 1 person goes cheapper with quantity of pupils, but if group is grater, then more hard to learn somebody something especially in water where to understand something is difficulty.

Ideal model is one schoolboy per one coach, or per one teacher.

In groups above 2 persons usually begin already problems resulting from various individual differences among men, because every has other physical form and resistence on weariness.


My instruction can be driven in any period, because I am discretionary in respect of time.

With my skills one can have disposal at own to 8 hours daily.

Indicatory average cost of 1 hour of learning ependences from individual requirements and carries out from about 15 USD ( 13 EU ).

My profit is calculated on so minimum level, so that assured cover of only indispensable costs.

Person renting commits oneself binds me to cover costs of instruction with my approach to the place and the tickets of entry to the swimming pool.


For me doesn't have meanings of what I teach.

Cost of 1 hour is identical in chance of the basic learnings of swimming, how as in chance of improvement of high competition technicses under condition, that my teaching are given from the seaside or from the edge of the swimming pool ( without my enter to the water ).

Additional costs will reach then, when I must enter to the water.


Person, which I teach signs obligation, that carries responsibility for possible events and harms, which can perhaps cause with one's own maintenance not complying to given my recommendations or instructions amd must have medical certificate from the doctor, ascertaining good state of health and allowing on swimming.


If you want to give me question or to fix details then write me or call:


Phones: 602, 675555( GSM ERA), or 507, 181589( GSM ORANGE), or 601, 249555( GSM PLUS)

Sometimes I am assessible on Gadu-Gadu: 4757464,  but one should arrange earlier.


On my other WWW pages are useful informations about

skii lessons offered by me,

and improvements of skiing technics and styles.

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