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RTSP Like H.323 uses RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol) to format packets of multimedia content.
But whereas H.323 is designed for videoconferencing of moderately-sized groups,
RTSP is designed to efficiently broadcast audio-visual data to large groups.
RTSP grew out of work done by Columbia University, Netscape and RealNetworks.


RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol)



RTSP FAQ from RealNetworks

Contains a list of frequently asked questions about the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP).

RTSP Information page

Includes links to draft documents, as well as other information about RTSP,

RTP and other protocols that fit into the Internet Multimedia Conferencing Architecture (IMCA).

This page is hosted by Dr. Henning Schulzrinne, co-author on RTSP as well as RTP.

RFC 1889
Request for Comments document for the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP).

RFC 2326
Request for Comments document for the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP).

Internet Protocols:






Apple Quicktime rtsp URL Handler Stack-based Buffer Overflow

Apple Quicktime RTSP URL Handling Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

RTSP Specification

The Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is currently an IETF Proposed Standard (RFC 2326).

This project is working on moving RTSP to Draft Standard.

Please submit issues, typos, etc as issues to this project, and they will be tracked here.

RTSP Draft 14

New version available (07)

New RTSP draft (draft03)

Feng - RTSP Streaming Server

NeMeSI - Open Media Streaming Client

Libnms - Open Media Streaming Client Library

Introducing libnms, the Open Media Streaming Client Library
libnms let you add multimedia streaming playback in your applications in a quick and straightforward way.
This software, derived from the experience matured with NeMeSi is fully compliant with IETF's standards for real-time streaming of multimedia contents over Internet.
libnms implements RTSP - Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RFC2326) and RTP/RTCP - Real-Time Transport Protocol/RTP Control Protocol (RFC3550) supporting the RTP Profile for Audio and Video Conferences with Minimal Control (RFC3551).
Currently libnms is relatively stable API wise and the most enlighting documentation are the example code and the partially doxygenized headers.

Follow the link to download latest release:

Otherwise you may check our subversion instructions to fetch the live source:

Live source:

The only client that is currently working out of box with Feng is VLC:

The (LS)3 - Libre Streaming, Libre Software, Libre Standards (formerly known as OMSP - Open Media Streaming Project) is a free/libre software project for the development of an open platform for the streaming of multimedia contents.

The platform is based on the full support of the IETF's standards for the real-time data transport over IP.

The aim of the project is to provide an open solution, free and interoperable along with the proprietary streaming applications currently dominant on the market.

All (LS)3 software is released under the GNU GPL license.
Read the 1-page brochure:

for a brief introduction to (LS)3 tools:

or this 11-page overview document:

for more in-depth information about (LS)3 technologies.

Streaming PROBLEMS:
Audio Streaming Tests , Trouble-shooting links and tips:

ITC occasionally hears from users who complain of problems making audio streaming work on the network.

This site offers trouble-shooting links and tips, and is a known good source of audio so that workstation issues can be addressed and any potential network issues identified.

The VideoLAN Forums:

Discussion and support for VLC media player

Videolan's Knowledge Base:

Streaming Servers:

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