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Polish Version

Garlicki IT Services


Software & Hardware

Systematical Executing IT Indispensable Services

IT Supervision




Complete Financial Service ( CFS ) of firms

Professional Customer Service
Regular or Immediate Customer Service

Specialist Technical Advise,

Specialist Technical Advice

Tests and Inspections of Digital Equipment

Software Tests and Inspections

Hardware Disassembling and Diagnostics

Diagnostics, Diagnosis Repairing of Hardware Equipment damages
Repairing of software IT Equipment SERVICE & ADVISORING
Repairing of File Allocation Table ( FAT ) of Digital Systems



Designing, Performing and Executing Any Installations of Digital Systems
Software Management Systems Hard Discs Tests and Installations
or Financial Accounts Systems Digital Cameras, Scanners
Installations of legal Software Systems Memory RAM
and various OS ( Operating Systems ) *** INSTALLATIONS ***
WINDOWS® Registry

Computer's Main Boards

Checking and Correctness

Power Suplies

Anty-Virus Protections







Legal Licenced Software Computers Systems
Damages Removing Computers Networks

Viruses Infections

Nuclear Thomographs Siemens
Viruses Removing Printing Machines

System Files Cleaning

Man Muller, Stahl, Muller Martini

All Accidental Damages

and ALL another kinds

of ALL kind of Legal Software

of Digital Equipment

Boot - Sector

Hard Disks Damages Removing
File Allocation Table ( FAT ) Viruses Infections


*** CLEANING ***





*** EXECUTING *** Network Installations

LAN Serwers, Terminals




Audio - Video Clips

Musical Compositions

Composing and Recording

on Digital Keyboard YAMAHA

Digital Images

Composing and Recordings

Design an Creating of instrumental musical

 MP3, WAV or MID



Programming for ORDER Facultative IT Teaching
Data Bases, Utils, Tests for groups and individual
( ASSEMBLER, PASCAL ) workers and listeners



Closing of financial balance year ( ® )

INTERNET Access Installations

Actualizations and creation of any Reports ( ® ) WEB Pages Creating
Creation of any printouts of definition patterns ( ® ) WWW Designing
  WEB Hosting


E-MAIL Accounts
SECURITY ASSISTANCE Creating, Holding, Hosting
  for User's Work Groups  
in Computer Networks  



of important data



( in alphabetical order )


Assembling of any Data - Bases and Managing Software Systems ®

Assembly and montages of any computer systems

Assembly and montages of any computer networks

Assembly and montages of any digital movies in MPEG technology

Assembly and montages of any digital AUDIO recordings


Assurance of safety work inside computer networks


Burning user data records on CD


Complete financial leadership services of data book keeper in firms ®


Conversions of analogue AUDIO recordings into digital form

Conversions of analogue VIDEO recordings into digital form

Conversions of analogue PHOTOS into digital form

Conversions of data bases records into other formats


Complete Financial Service ( CFS ) of divisions and firms ®

Complex IT services and management ®


Composing and recording of musical grounds in MP3, WAV or MID form

Configurations and tests of any IT computer digital systems

Configurations and tests of any IT file systems

Configurations, installations and tests of any printers

Configurations, installations and tests of any IT systems

Configurations, installations and tests of various computer systems


Cordless Data Transfer of any digital data


Creation of lists of payments receivers and debtors ®


Design and executing of publicity in form of digital Audio Video Clips

Design and executing of netware topology projects

Design and executing of WEB projects


Ensuring of safety inside computer networks


Executing of commercials multimedia images with digital sound

Executing of own musical recordings in any form

Executing and recording of any digital images

Executing and recording of any Video - Clips with digital sound

Executing of new accounts forms and patterns of financial balances ® 

Executing of projects of definition patterns of financial reports printouts ®

Executing of any compositions lists ®

Executing of sold commodities according to real prices of purchase ®

Executing of safety copys of user data bases

Executing of computer's network terminals

Executing of printouts of unaccomplished payments ®

Executing of any computer's network installations

Executing and installing of Polish fonts and letters in computer's software


Exchanges of any computer's pheripherials

Exchanges of RAM memory frames inside computers

Exchanges of power supplies

Exchanges of CMOS power holding systems

Exchanges of windmills and radiators of Central Processor Units


Fixing of failed authorizations in computer networks

Fixing of authorizations priorities in computer networks


Hard discs instalations, configurations, montages, tests

Hard discs Low Level PreFormat


Improvement of management efficiency of computer's memory modules


Initiation any legal user's software


Installations of all kinds hardware pheripherials inside computers

Installations of voarious legal user's software

Installations of communication protocols TCP IP

Installations of Uncondicionally Power Switches UPS

Installations of printer switches

Installations of any network servers and terminals


IT Instructions of staff

Instructions from financially - book keepers programmes ®


Irrevocable cancelling all kind of data or data bases from all kind of magnetic carriers


Liquidations of viruses in computers and of results their activities

Liquidations of viruses in hard discs' partitions

Liquidations of suspensions of spreadsheet sheets QUATTRO


Locations and repairs of damages of any data carriers
Locations of damage and of damages of computer net
Locations of damages of all data bases


Conversions of digital AUDIO recordings into another data formats

Conversions of digital VIDEO recordings into another data formats

Conversions of digital photoes into another data formats


Modernizations of computers

Modernizations and reconfigurations of NOVELL® Netware Lan Servers

Modernizations and renovations of network terminals
Modifications and corrections of Computer Networks Topology Projects


Optimizations of Hard Discs

Optimizations of Digital Computer Systems

Opening and closing of Finnancial Balance Year ®


Periodic preservations and cleaning of various computers components

Periodic tests and reviews of computers with disassembly and assembly

Periodic cleaning of computer mainboards, keyboards, etc.


Preparing of periodic stock - takings ®

Preparing of traffic lists of goods and services ®

Preparing of lists of payments out of time,


Preservations against damages of computers and peripherials 

Preservations against damages of CMOS Setup Systems

Preservations against damages CMOS Setup Systems of peripherials

Preservations against damages of legal software


Printouts of non-typical texts


Professional cancelling of any data from magnetic carriers


Programming and diagnostics of correct modems configurations,

Programming and executing of any facultative software procedures,

Programming initiation of polish fiscal printers POSNET,


Recording of own digital AUDIO sound files,

Recording of digital MIDI composition on Digital Keyboard YAMAHA,

Recording on CD discs of digital photos and family albums

Recording on CD discs of any digital documents


Recovering data from hard discs and from other carriers


Repairs of NOVELL® Netware Servers

Repairs of network terminals

Repairs of Lap-Top computers

Repairs of any facultative Software Systems

Repairs of MS WINDOWS® Operating Systems

Repairs of all types of computer monitors

Repairs of Uncondicionally Power Supplies ( UPS )

Repairs of analogue and digital arrangements systems of steering sensors

Repairs of Hard Disk Boot-Sector damages

Repairs of damages of Fat Allocation Tables ( FAT )

Repairs of damages of Sub-Directories

Repairs of damages JAP cluster damage of hard discs

Repairs of floppy disks damages,

Repairs of damaged harvests hard disks gatherings,

Repairs of arrangements systems of CPU cooling of processors,

Repairs of feed systems and of feeders of main board and CD discs records

Repairs of damages of printer ports


Repairs of damages of digital steerings systems of printing press machines MAN-MILLER

Repairs of damages of digital steerings systems of printing press machines MULLER - MARTINI

Repairs of damages of digital steerings systems of printing press machines STAHL


Regenerations and modernizations of computers

Regenerations of hard disk magnetic carriers

Regulations of computer monitors

Reinstallations of Computer Network Operating System NOVELL® Netware

Reinstallations of any legal user's software

Reinstallations of DIAL-UP INTERNET modules,

Reinstallations of NOVELL® Netware Networks modules,

Registrations of Internet Domain Names,

Reinstalations of computer network systems

Repairs of any computer's damage


Recognition of any data base structures

Recognition of any data base configuration

Recognition of structures of any data bases


Recognizing and diagnosing of viruses and liquidation of results their activities


Removing of damage hard disk partitions: DOS®, LINUX®, WINDOWS®, UNIX® 

Removing of viruses and results of their activities

Removing of network servers damages

Removing of network terminals damages


Salvage lost data from hard discs and from other carriers

SCSI hard disks reinstallations


Service of digital electronic steering of printing press machines MAN - MILLER

Service of digital electronic steering of printing press machines MULLER - MARTINI

Service of digital electronic steering of printing press machines STAHL

Service of firms  ®

Service of commercial firms and their divisions ®

Service of sales departments up to 255 computer networks terminal positions ®


Software programming of polish fiscal printers POSNET


Starting and joining of various additional external Input / Output devices


Tests and diagnostics of NOVELL® Netware Lan Server Systems

Tests and diagnostics of any hard discs

Tests and diagnostics of any facultative legal user software



Sign ® means services helped with original data base managing computer system FIRMA HELP®

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