Karol Cichecki  vel  Karok Harven



Explosion of the spaceship Colombia.
The spirits of the victims talk to me:
"Fear is your enemy.
Fear unites the nation
In a mass masturbation
to slaughter another nation.
Religion is a gear of fear."

I support this slaughter by using fossil fuels.
Rick is mad,  "He stole the election!" he says.
Are you using fossil fuels?  Rick is silent.
You elected him by your actions.
The voting is opium for masses
Lakota Indian Russell Means has a T-shirt with a text:
"If voting could change anything, it would be illegal."
In darkness I find sparks of light
to cut through thick goop of corporate lies
In my dream I raise ants to a size of a lamb.
Such an ant carries couple of humans
with a speed about 100 mph,
across the terrain with no roads,
up and down the mountain walls,
never crushes with another ant,
eats only few spoons of honey per day.
I grow dragonflies to the size of a helicopter
to transport cargo, thousands of pounds
with a speed twice as high as the fastest airplane.
I wake up as en exterminator
pouring into the ant's nest Malathyion,
a poison originally designed by Nazis to kill people.
I belong to a specie that is most dangerous,
greedy and stupid in the history of this planet.
May be Hitler knew about it?
Mean time, motivated by fear
the specie is committing a mass suicide
by destroying its own spaceship Earth.
The only way to save myself from the disaster
is to forgive that bastard
and follow my true self
fearless and innocent, and happy.
What I feel,
What I do,
What I think,
What I sing,
Galloping on my ant through Arizona desert,
I wake up from the dream
A strange fellow appears at my door,
serving me a bundle of papers.
I have 20 minutes to live my home.
May be never come back.
What do I grab?
When the hurricane is swiping me away?
A toothbrush?
A jar of salt from Pacific?
My violin?
Or a pare of wings?
My ancient stone knife found the river?
Or a bag of datura seeds to help me to find something
I lost?
My freedom.
Datura is helping me instantly as I am choosing my
Freedom and giving up my home.

Is the legal system able to find me innocent
when I'll prove that the accusations are false?
In case of corrupt law, it doesn't matter
what kind of law is written in the books.
The only law I want to obey is compassion;
including compassion for myself.

My 20 minutes is up.
My time in this place is up.
The Love Temple I have built for Goddess of female
beauty, arts, intelligence, grace and motherhood
turns into a dark swirl of confusion.
Shine, my son how are the fishes doing in the pond?
Daddy, we buried them, he said.
My things are thrown on the street
I can't go closer then thousand feet
People are digging in the pile
I smile, practice detachment from material possessions
The only thing I keep is a clown inside of me.
A need for laughter saves my life.

To eliminate me from my son's life
she accuses me in front of the judge
that I am a bank robber.
My laughter makes a big impression.
The price she pays is fat and rapidly aging face
twisted with wrinkles of anger.

My beloved girl where are you?
Did the confused witch buried you
together with the fishes
under the ruins of Love Temple?
My beloved girl are you gone forever,
away from this world.
Are you there in the far corner of Universe
with those two flashing disks,
we saw together in the sky while making love
on the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean?

Since the explosion, I sleep in the bed of my truck.
Alone under the stars
Away from her anger
this freezing February night in the desert
purifies me.

The idea of sex with her menopause brain chemistry
doesn't apply to me anymore.
I masturbate thinking about Megan,
a red hair beauty I met last night at the gas station
on her way to Oregon.
We touch.  We don't touch the past.
I want to hold her close and feel her heart.
A flash of my ex-beloved woman's ass
comes between me and Megan.
Be present in the moment.
I suck Megan's breast and feel the pulsating blood.
Megan's erected nipples
copulating my mouth.
The sweetness of milk is there awaiting for an embryo.
A star shooting through the constellation of Big Dog,
turns our childish exploration
into a cosmic odyssey
In Megan's shy moaning
echoes an aria like inside of a cathedral.
Megan is a reincarnation of Hildegard von Bingen
from the time when the Earth had 50% more oxygen then now.
I lick Megan's belly,
Her thick and rich pubic hair
from her belly button to her but hole.
The awesome powers governing this planet
are moving my tongue to a vibrato on her clitoris.
The vibration expands to her breath.
The music is a religion,
The listener is a temple
The musician is a high priest.

My tongue has a mind of his own
spreading the petals of her cunt.
Megan takes my dick in her mouth
and pushes it deep in her throat.
>From far away I hear a train
mixed with the hauling of coyotes
The thirsty traveler is drinking the dew
dripping from her cunt.
A taste of an oyster fresh from the sea,
mixed with the salt of my tears
my emotional flow,
that glues my broken Universe back together.
Appreciation & compassion,
becomes my only passion,

While Megan is convulsing in her orgasms,
I want to kiss her face,
I turn around kissing her fingers,
her solar plexus, her eyes, mouth and ears,
I'm whispering:  Megan, my freedom rose.
She whispers back to me:
- Solyot my fuck in the truck. 

Where did you get such a big dick?
- I eat a lot of onions.
- What onions?
- Big dick onions.
Her voice gets very serious:
- Promise me,
you'll never leave me.
I whisper in her ear: - I'll never leave you.
- You are a fucking liar.
- I mean it.
She looks in my eyes as if she wants to see depth of
my soul and clings to me.
My dick between her tights
sliding genteelly in her vagina.
New orgasm runs through her.
No matter, real or faked.
I speed up to her tempo,
dig her insight.
Through our hearts runs a beam from the Galaxy of Love.
- Megan, do you feel it?
Megan talks in tongues.
The strange entities enter her,
The characters from past lifes
Megan are you there?
She turns around and goes on her knees.
- Fuck me in the ass! - she screams. - Come in my ass.
But the vortex of her cunt sucks me in
I try to be calm,
I lift up my sexual energy through my spine
up to my sahasrar and out straight into the night sky,
and I pull out.
As my sperm gushes to see the stars,
Megan hugs me and holds me tight until I stop shaking.
Then she climbs off the truck and walks away.
The big cold drops fall on my face.

It pours again.

From the frost and from the rain
a lightning flashes through my brain
I'm free again.

Reincarnated in the rain,
drunk from the desert air,
wet chaparral,
mesquite trees with a smell
of freshly hutched bees
or freshly baked bread.

I dance on the roof of my truck.

Mean time the salt from Pacific Ocean gets wet
and pours on a dirty floor in a squad apartment.
Omni says:
- I'll give you a paper to pick it up.
- Let it be. - I say. - The poetry is about love
and beauty in everything.
The salt in the corner on the floor becomes
an altar for the ocean.
Now the squad apartment is a temple.
In a middle of the
desert we are priests
worshiping the infinite consciousness of the Ocean.
Omni never saw the Ocean.  He is nervous.
He wants to kiss a girl before he meets the sea.
Kiss her pussy for an introduction to the ocean
He puts on the altar a postcard with a fish.
"Stop approval of GE fish"
He is the priest he can stop that.
With my finger I shape the salt into waves
that came one day from Hawaii after the hurricane.
I go to ride them, dance with the sea,
swing like a baby in mothers hands, receiving chi.
One of the waves has a lot of chi
and all this chi crushes on me.
How to escape such a big wave that swallows all the water,
I'm diving but there is no water under me
only algae green boulders,
All the waters are above falling on me.
Slammed to the bottom with such a force,
I wander if I am still alive?  Grinded by this cosmic
dick raping me with the big boulders banging my ass,
I fold myself as a fetus turning playfully
in the waters of the womb, with my arms
wrapped around my head protecting my skull
from being pealed like a driftwood.
I do come out to the sweet air and swim to the shore
that is moving away from me as all the waters
from this giant wave wash me back to the sea.
Another giant comes and I dive.
The plankton reach salty drink makes me vomit and shit.
The cosmic chef is washing my gut and rolling me
into a sushi, teaching me
pure vegetarianism.
Thrown to the surface I suck the air to my chest.
I'm weak, can't breath enough to get back my oxygen level,
can't move my arms, like that old man dying I saw in
a hospital.  I'm not in a hospital,
I'm in the Ocean I love so much.
My father died having sex with my mom.
The next giant wave is coming.
My friends on the shore are applauding:
"Wow man, you doing great!  Cool show, brave man!
Is this how it feels on the end?
Helplessness and funny.
The new wave swells in front of me.
If I'll dive I'll drown but I'm so weak I can't even dive.
I give up my idea of escaping, I release all my control that actually I
don't have.
This third wave is washing my consciousness from illusion.
Teaches me truth.
Face this what happens.
Make love to the ocean by being part of it.
I surrender.  I'm not afraid.
I always wanted to be like that.
The wave takes me and gently puts me on the shore.
I come on the sand and there she is,
Goddess of Female Beauty, Arts, Intelligence,
Grace and Motherhood.
Love Her.

Out takes
The music needs two kinds of illumination:
one to compose it, another to receive it.


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