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Author: George Garlicki
(c) All Rights Reserved

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Program LASY® ( eng. "The Forest" )
Author: George Garlicki
(c) All Rights Reserved

This high specialized software is purposed for arrangement, management and planning economy of non-public forests in Poland.

Since 1995 it was used in the most forested regions of Poland to draw-up plans and for the management of non-public forests

(Torun, Bydgoszcz, Wloclawek, Sieradz, Kalisz )

Distribution of this software is reserved only by its Author George Garlicki.

This program is only for proffessional use in special forest offices.

Using without special licenses and without permission is strictly prohibited.

Description of the program is located in the section FORESTS

Program SUMATOR ( eng. Totalizer )
Author: George Garlicki
© All Rights Reserved
Very useful and helpful in everyday work, not just for accounting.
It calculates
instantly and summarizes the content of vertical numerical columns.
Digits can have any size and any precision.
Result of aggregation is extremely accurate because the program has 32-bit control accuracy.
Numbers in columns may have integer value, fraction or mixed.
Program is very universal because it works at simple ASCII and TXT files,
Results with total sum can be also exported to a simple ASCII and TXT file,
You can quickly and easily import data to Sumator from almost any decent program which can make export data like data base or spreadsheet.
Program Totalizer ( Pol. Sumator ) can also check correctness of results.
Program can also calculate total sum of two vertical columns of numbers at once.
Author: George Garlicki
© All Rights Reserved
This program can make very fast instantly compare of the contents of hard disks or subdirectories.
It make verify the correctness when copying a buig portion of data or can veryfy the contents of hard drives, directories or folders.
It is very useful also in testing of data transfer of computer networks.
The program is written in in machine code,
This is the lowest level programming language called Assembler 8080 CPU.
Therefore instantly can found every difference inside the content even large ammount of data.
Author: Romuald Żylla
© All Rights Reserved
Konsultant: George Garlicki
The program solve the problem with the lack of frame symbols in system Windows,
It can change the encoding of the letters or symbols or any chars in any text files to CP852
(Code Page 852)
If in any text file in Polish letters was used standard Mazowia,
or polish letters has been drawn inside the text box,
then watching this file under the Windows system cause a lot of problems because it was not readable.
Mr Gates and Microsoft Co. forgott about Poland not the first time.
In addition to many failures and different errors in Windows and problems with chars encoding according to the standard Mazovia which was the most popular in Poland for many years.
MAZ852 can make a new file with with an elegant encoding and changing Mazowia to the CP852.
The new file after converting can be loaded to the MS Word® and one can view it and edit.
When you open such a file, Word® will ask about the standard of characters and suggesting Japanese language (;-)))
You'll need to press the letter 'e' or set the encoding to "Western DOS".
Polish letters and chars inside frames will have no longer any errors.
Author: George Garlicki
© All Rights Reserved
This program is very useful for the all people who do not like when someone else steals or change their work. For example it will be very useful for the authors of various digital publications or documents created on the computers.
Moreover it can encode simple ASCII text to executable EXE file type.
The new contents will be displayd at the hierarchically structured chapters.
It can create automatically an inventory of each chapter which appears at screen on the main menu just like in the book chapters.
One can "enter inside" each chapter and can read its content.
Content is protected from unwanted changing.
The program takes control of all of hardware interruptions so no one can change the content.
This protecting mechanism effectively prevents unwanted copying or printing the contents.
Author: George Garlicki
© All Rights Reserved
Encyclopedia and editor of CMOS chip which is located at the motherboard of each computer.
One can read hidden BIOS passwords or edit any BIOS cells.
A great educational program, moreover very useful software tool for hacking.
Program is also useful for computer diagnostics and for peoples who will repair motherboards BIOS failures.
Author: George Garlicki
© All Rights Reserved
This program is very unique and unprecedented utility software.
It can works on every ASCII or TXT files.
Sekator can quickly found the text rows with the same content,
eg. can find the same strings of tekst.
When such strings occure in the other places of the file,
for instance it will find identical rows of text,
then Sekator cut them from the source text file and will make a copy of them to a second separate text file.
Program "GINEKOLOG" ( eng. "Gynecologist" )
Author: George Garlicki
© All Rights Reserved
This is also useful and very handy utility software.
It can cut any binary file and make copy of any binary area with their contents.
Just tell him from what address to what address you want to cut any portion of content.
This deleting area will be copying to another new file.
Additional advantage is that the "Gynecologist" works harmless to health and is painlessly.
Author: Romuald Żyłła
© All Rights Reserved
VLAS is universal viewer of databases of all types of data base with fixed length of records.
(*. dat,  *. dbf,  and many others types ) 
It has also built some interesting and useful features.
VLAS can browse the contents of the database records,
It can display the record number at the place of cursor where the cursor is located,
It can display the relative address of the cursor at the data base.
It can instantly search and find any strings in the database.
You can gradually increase or decrease the length of the data base records,
VLAS can pack the database, does mean it can select records to delete,
or can irreversibly remove records marked for deletion.
When we know the structure of the database VLAS is able to export the contents of the database to a text file or vice versa,
VLAS can import the contents from a text file into the database.
It can be very useful for each data base programmer.
Author: Romuald Żylla
© All Rights Reserved
Very old antyvirus program but is steel useful.
Immediately detects the all content of hard disks and removes the dozen of some old but the most dangerous viruses!
Program "CYSTERNA" ( eng. "The TANKER" )
Author: George Garlicki
© All Rights Reserved
This program rapidly convert units from kilograms per liters
It converts any quantity of benzin supplied to the petrol stations.
It works very fast and provide to take into account the ambient of temperature.
Author: George Garlicki
© All Rights Reserved
This program can handle any parking for cars or various vehicles.
Traffic control and accurate accounting services is easy, fast and accurate.
Author: George Garlicki
© All Rights Reserved
This useful program is supporting for any VESA compatible SVGA graphic card.
It allows to switch between various screen modes.
Moreover it can read interrupts and registers value from BIOS of video cards,
Moreover it can read all of manufacture data eg. hidden names and values which are hiden inside VGA BIOS of almost every graphic card.



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